10x Genomics
3D Animated Video Series

10x Genomics came to Linus with the challenge of needing to simplify their communications and explain their products in a succinct way without getting too into the weeds of the technology. With this task in mind, we created a series of short 3D animated videos that explore key products and appealed to varying audiences. I directed a team of contractors and animation studios through script, storyboard and final cut on each video to deliver a consistent series that accomplished the client’s goals. 

Spatial Transcriptomics Overview Video

10x Genomics Video Series Highlight Reel

My Role: Director, Technical Lead, Animator
Client: 10x Genomics
Agency: The Linus Group
Collaborators: Hozy Rossi, Nathan Campbell, Jamie Bennett, Eric Keenan, Brian Kearney, Cynthia McKelvey, Marissa Caputo, Chomp Studios, and Matt Dernlan​​​​​​​
Vocal Talent: Remington Hoffman
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