Trial of One
Documentary Short Film

In 2016 Linus produced a short documentary film about a young boy named Darious going through a clinical trial at the NIH for an immunotherapy treatment of his Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. One scene in the film called for an animation to illustrate how the immunotherapy targets cancer inside the body. Rather than animating the body in a traditional way we wanted to create a sequence that connected directly to the story of Darious. Inspired by Darious’ love of video games, we created a dramatic 3D animation that resembles the type game Darious might play.
Later I used assets from this animation to create an augmented reality prototype where the user actually controls the t-cell to fight the cancer cells. I like to think Darious would have really enjoyed playing it.
My Role: 3D Animator
Agency: The Linus Group
Director: Joanna Rudnick
Producer: Erika Brekke
Designer: Yiqian Peng
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