Stereoscopic Art Installation

BD Genomics came to Linus to develop a campaign and trade show experience that would launch their new single-cell genomics product. We honed in on telling the story of the differences between cells in a sample that were now possible to detect with our client’s technology. To tell this story we created a three digital prints using a stereoscopic effect to illustrate distance using depth.
When viewed using traditional anaglyph glasses the difference in distance between the cells is revealed. The cells that appear closest to you are the most different compared to the rest of the cells in the sample. Measuring these previously undetectable differences is critical to understanding disease. I created visual effects videos to illustrate the stereoscopic effect of the art.
BD Genomics turned their trade show booth into an art installation. They printed custom branded anaglyph glasses that conference attendees would use to view the art. We filmed the experience onsite at AGBT 2017 and edited a short video that tells the message of the campaign and showcases the art work.
My Role: Technical Director, Animator, Editor, Videographer
Client: BD Genomics
Agency: The Linus Group
Collaborators: Joanna Rudnick, Leslie Baehr, Vivian Wang, Martin Krzywinski, Yiqian Peng, Pradnya Dighe
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