Pharma Starts With You Campaign

Bio-Rad needed to communicate to the pharma and biopharma market about its portfolio of personalized tools and systems. To do so, Linus created a campaign that put the customer at the center of their own workflow. 
One of the first pieces of content I collaborated on was a brief animated video that told the message of the campaign at the highest level.
In order to take the customer deeper into the message of the campaign we needed content that truly put them at the center of the campaign. So we began building a Virtual Reality 360° video. The first task was designing a 3D environment while keeping a visual consistency within the campaign that until then had been a 2D design. 

Molecule Intro 2D/3D side by side.

When it came to bringing our actor George into the digital environment in 3D we had to innovate. We filmed against a green screen with a camera rig that replicated the position of the left and right eye. We shot vertically to maximize pixels.  

Custom Built GoPro Stereoscopic Rig.

Then in post we simulated our real camera with a digital 360 camera and composited our actor into a virtual environment. We then exported separate camera angles for the left eye and right eye.

Steroscopic 360° Composition Breakdown

The final result is a five minute 360° VR experience that the client showcased at tradeshows and posted on YouTube.
After the success of the first video, we worked with Bio-Rad to extend the campaign with two additional 360° videos where we further pushed the storytelling and technical possibilities of 360° video. 
My Role: Technical Director, Motion Designer
Client: Bio-Rad Laboratories
Agency: The Linus Group
Collaborators: Joanna Rudnick, Yiqian Peng, Jamie Bennett, Phil McNally, George Joyce, Vivian Wang, Erika Brekke, Robin Moriarty, Lee Mendez, Little Giant Lighting
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