Halloween Haunted House 2019
Mystery escape room experience

In 2018, Nidhi and I threw a halloween party and we wanted to make it especially scary. In our cramped 1 bedroom apartment we managed to put together a haunted-house-mystery-escape-room style experience. In groups of four, our guest followed clue after clue working to solve the mystery of a dead girl’s ghost and her demon clown friend. Everyone had a great time and some people were genuinely freaked out. The only problem is we didn’t document a single moment of it.

So in 2019 we knew we needed to step up our game. Having recently moved into a two bedroom duplex with a creepy basement, our sandbox for experimenting was much larger. We created an experience that centered around solving the mysterious murders of an entire house party and leading to the discovery of a cult leader’s lingering spirit. Our guests had to solve puzzles, riddles, travel to the past in a virtual reality time machine, and discover an augmented reality window that revealed a spiritual plane hidden from their very eyes. And this year we documented the entire thing. In the video below you’ll also see videos from guests’ Instagram feeds. Thanks for watching!
My Role: Co-Director, Unity Developer, 3D Designer
Collaborators: Nidhi Reddy
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