InterView with a coronavirus
3d animated short film

Doing our part in fighting misinformation, Nidhi Reddy, Tyler Eaton and I made this short animation for social media. The video imagines a documentary style interview with a coronavirus where that covers topics such as masks, Donald Trump and vaccines. On the technical side, I developed a system in C4D that enabled the mouth to open and close for the character's speech based on the waveforms of the dialogue. Extreme depth of field was used to give a microscopic effect. Dust particles were added to give the sense that the interview is taking place in liquid. 
My Role: Co-writer, Animator. Editor
Software: Cinema 4D, X-Particles, GSG Light Kit, After Effects, Premiere
Collaborators: Nidhi Reddy​​​​​​​ (co-writer, voice performer), Tyler Eaton (co-writer)
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