This Book's All Lies
Documentary Short Film

This project started out as a blog where I recounted the events surrounding a relationship I had in middle school. I then turned the blog into a short documentary film where I interviewed people involved including my ex-girlfriend. The end result is a film overflowing with awkwardness and emotion that nearly everyone can relate to at some level.
One of the many lessons learned while making this film was to edit the story down to the essentials in order to tell the most engaging and watchable version of the film possible. I originally intended this to be feature length film and had to acknowledge that it would be a better film if it was a third of that length. 

Watch the full film and deleted scenes at
My Role: Director, Editor, Motion Designer
Collaborators: Nidhi Reddy, Connor Pickens, Ethan Marler, Clayton De Wet, and everyone who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign
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