Short Films 
A collection of films made in the years 2009-2012

While I do not make many live-action or stop motion short films these days, I often get nostalgic about this privileged time of pure creativity during high school and college before there were clients or bills to worry about. I am proud of this work and how it helped shape my style and voice as a creator. 

Experimental montage film (heavily inspired by Terrence Malick) following several characters. Script by Hannah Bisewski and Music by Ethan Marler. 

My first animated film and inspiration for this site's title.

More stop motion! I was lonely my freshmen year so I experimented with reverse video tricks.

This was for a class assignment where we had to tell a story with just 15 still images.

Another class project. Prompt to make a short film using no dialogue.

Experimental film about kids being violent. I actually had the dream described here. It was very disturbing.

Mockumentary about unsuccessful artists. I was projecting my fears and insecurities about the future. Watching it now hits a little too close to home.

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