Inside Immunotherapy
Bio-Rad AR Application

To extend our Pharma Starts With You Campaign with Bio-Rad, we proposed an interactive augmented reality experience that could put the campaign at the fingertips of the customer. I developed an internal proof of concept application using assets from the Trial of One animated video that we showcased to Bio-Rad. 

AR Application Demo Built with Unity

We then built a full AR experience for Bio-Rad where the customers were at the center of developing an Immunotherapy and fighting cancer cells. We used the Unity game engine.

Inside Immunotherapy Application Teaser

My Role: Director, Lead Developer, Motion Designer
Client: Bio-Rad Laboratories
Agency: The Linus Group
Collaborators: Joanna Rudnick, Yiqian Peng, Cynthia McKelvey, Vivian Wang, Dustin Boyle, Jamie Bennett, Jonathan Courney, Eric Keenan
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